Classy Girls Wear Stella and Pearls!

About Stella & Pearls Boutique

Stella & Pearls Boutique is dedicated to women from all walks of life with a common interest in wearing affordable and quality clothing.

Latonya Williams Parker is the creative mind behind Stella & Pearls Boutique. The brand is named after the owner’s grandmothers who loved the world of fashion. Also, the brand describes 2 important characteristics of our fashionistas, which are listed below.

  • Stellar=Star Performer
  • Pearls=Precious

Stella & Pearls Boutique offers bold, trendy, dainty, simple, and earth tone fashions for goal-oriented women who are star performers in the home, workplace, school, and business as well as precious in the eyesight of their loved ones. The mission of Stella and Pearls Boutique is to build women’s confidence with clothing that fit their unique personality and body type.

It is our deepest desire to serve classy and sophisticated women with curves that’s why we adopted the saying Classy Girls Wear Stella and Pearls!